New Video Series about the work inside Cubase

Hi Cubase users.

I just recently recorded a series of instructional Videos regarding the work with Cubase.
I finished 3 videos that explain the basics of the Score editor and 5 vids that are about
shortcuts and keycommands.
They are mostly basic and a little advanced functions - so basically for most users
except experts…
I hope some of you will find them helpful - if so you could come back to that playlist:

Producing, Mixing & Editing - YouTube

later, because there will be more about the mixer, Quick controlls, automation, working with synth ect.

Take care!
(I hope it is OK to post this here and I didn’t break any forum rules!! If so just let me know and I will of course remove the post!)


Thank you for taking the time to make these videos which will be helpful to new users.
And there is nothing wrong with posting this in the forum, quite the contrary.

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I updated the playlist with Videos about these topics:

  • 5 Videos of Shortcuts and Keycommands
  • Lanes Function
  • Track Versions
  • 2 Videos about the Snap/Grid Functions
  • (Dynamic) EQing using Frequency
  • Smart Controls
  • Click&Metronome Functions
  • Working with Markers

I hope some of you will find these helpful!