New visual indicators for selected events in Project Window

Also part of the colour mess in Cubase, an outline around selected events would do the trick just fine.

Active selections are darkened, which is pretty bizarre as it obstructs the contents displayed and rather hides the data instead of highlighting it.
Again, I could write a phone book worth of an essay why this make 0 sense, as this is part of the whole colour mess.

Yes please
since I jumped the Nuendo Ship this is one the things which annoys me the most.
From a certain zoom resolution you can not distinguish between selected muted and selected unuted events because they look the same.
Nuendo selected events have only the red outline which is perfectly sufficient. But it seems Steienberg is either not aware of their design issues or it is not on the priorities list.

…May be at least the option to turn it off and to use outline method instead…