New VST 3 Presets in another Folder /after last update 5.2.2

hi everyone,
that’s really annoying… now i have two locations for my vst3 presets… i’m talking about vst instruments or plugins…
the old one is somewhere in user/appdata/roaming ect and the new is in documents…
when i save a new preset, it’s in the new vst3 preset folder (under documents)… but when i want to load a saved preset, cubase only looks in the old vst3 preset folder (under appdata ect) and i have to rescan in the extended load box the folder… then it shows me the newly saved preset… but that’s really time-killing!
steinberg, wtf???
how do i tell cubase to just use one of the folders or set one default vst3 preset folder to save and to load???

thanks :wink: