New VST's won't show up....

I am having trouble with new VST’s for some reason. I downloaded Valhalla Rooms and after a week of trying I can’t get it to work. It appears in the Plug In Manager, but not in the inserts. Valhalla has been trying to resolve the problem but getting nowhere. Finally as an attempt to diagnose the problem, I downloaded Waves H-reverb. Same thing. It appears in the Manager but nowhere else. I have multiple instances of other VST’s that I have downloaded in the past that work fine. Starting to think the problem is with Steinberg?? I have the latest version of Cubase 9 Pro. Build 292. On a PC with plenty of horsepower. Windows X

Are they blacklisted?

No I don’t think so. I don’t see them in Blacklist.

Ok…I finally got it to work…but I’m not sure how. In the Inserts drop down menu, to the right of the search bar at the top, there is another drop down arrow. When I click that I am given the option of either “default” or “valhalla room”. If I select default, room appears in VST plugins 64bit. Hell if I know…

Do you have a different than the „default“ Plugin collection selected, which does not contain the missing plugins?

Obviously you did.

I guess so…but to be honest I don’t know how.