New Warning Post When I Open Cubase

Hello All,
As of a few days ago, Cubase started posting “no license for impulse speaker responses” upon start-up. I don’t recognize what this is. It’s not bothering anything but I have to click it everytime I launch. Anyone know what this is and how to resolve it? I’m thinking it may be a residual from the CB6 demo I uninstalled close to the same time it started. Thanks for your thoughts.


Yes, I believe this is because of the Reverence plugin found in Cubase 6. It’s been mentioned here before, try searching for that.

Thanks Strophoid. I’ll look for that.

It´s because of the Amprack (Or whatever it is called) VST of C6. It can be resolved by deleting the file…

Seems to depend on who it is, to tell someone to use the search…?! :wink:

Thanks for the hits. I’ll check for that file too.

And you’re right, it was mentioned here before. How did I know? Because I did a search!
None of the results I got had resolution. Just mentions and different cases of it.

Sorry, my second remark was directed towards Strophoid…

No problem!

But I gave a hint on what to search for. Seems it didn’t help though :stuck_out_tongue:
But if it’s the amprack, that doesn’t make sense because that’s in Artist 6 as well. Or are you on 5 Will?

-edit- He’s on 5, sorry :sunglasses:

It is the amprack - I de-installed that same file myself only yesterday :wink:

ok ok, bedtime :smiley:

I’m on CS5.

Ok, the 'puter couldn’t search out amprack, but when I opened the H4 demo, the same post showed up. I guess I’m stuck with it until I uninstall the demo which will happen when it’s time is up.

It is not amprack, it is an impulse response file from amprack. Now maybe if someone knew what kind of “´puter” with what kind of OS you are using…

Yeah, I used to have all that info listed b4 they changed this forum around. Never got back to it. I guess it’s about time.

I´m not 100% sure anymore, but IIRC under Win 7, I simply deinstalled the library via the control panel -> Programs. Maybe the same or similar for Vista.

Yes, it is the same for Vista. I went to programs and uninstalled the amprack and reverence content. This resolved that particular post but then I got another saying the content is missing. lol I clicked “ignore” only to find out it will still pop up on launch until I clicked remove. All seems well now. Thanks!