New Waves StudioRack V14 can now load third-party VST3 plugins!

Waves has just updated StudioRack to V14 and now you can use it with VST3 plugins from any brand! Yes, that’s right, any VST3 plugin, this is no longer limited to Waves plugins.

For those who don’t know, StudioRack is a free plugin host that allows you to process your signal in parallel or multi-band, or even both at the same time. It is even possible to split the signal anywhere in the plugin chain and to create macros.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t include plugins that come with your DAW. This is still excellent news, as it really works with any third-party plugins from, for example, Fabfilter, Plugin Alliance, Acustica Audio, etc.

If Steinberg could develop a similar feature for their own plugins in a future version of Cubase, that would be outstanding!


Thank you for letting us know!
I always wanted to buy bluecat patchwork, but thought it was too expensive for what it does.
But now I basically could do the same with Studiorack, right?
And is there a OS feature included?

yeah if steinberg Deal with waves we can use the Waves DSP Server for heavy sessions to help CPU
or something new with same technology

My opinion: I wished Steinberg would cooperate more with renowned plugin manufacturers (the free plugin vouchers were a really welcome gift). So instead of investing a lot of time and money in their own vst plugins, they could concentrate more on the DAW core functions, fixing bugs and implementing new features.

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That’s a bit off-topic, but Steinberg’s plugins are developed by dedicated teams of specialists, they’re not handled by Cubase’s developers. It’s also unlikely that licensing third party plugins would be any cheaper, not to mention that most companies may not be willing to share their source code.

Thats good to know. Thanks!

Game changer, we really need these kind of features baked in to cubase…
at least for now this is an option to be able to macro things up and save the whole setup as a preset.

@Louis_R I downloaded it yesterday and its really cool now. Great now it scans for 3rd party VST3.

All I would like extra is an LFO which could be assigned to the macros. Then it would be next level.

Inserted the parallel split into the slot of the StudioRack. I hung а plugin from Waves on one parallel bus, turned various knobs and my Cubase froze. I will probably postpone its use for now. In the thirteenth version, the same isue happened.

They have a group of partners such as plugins Alliance and Sonox
And the code that they have is open source for developers

It is nice to download the plugins on their servers. I used it constantly, but I found that I do not use the waves plugins only, I use many other 3rd party

Now the thing that may upset the market is that other developers are cooperating with Waves to bring the power of this server. The LATENCY rate is very simple, and the device is greatly relieved. It also has the ability to download 100 plugins without any fatigue or effort.

Patchwork will also load AU plug-ins in Cubase, and VST in Logic. Makes it possible to have one mastering chain for Logic(AU) and Cubase(VST) on MacOS. Very handy.

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Patchwork is handy for sure, been using for some years, but it cant really do macro knob assignments like this…
Waves has taken a little of the magic from Ableton for this StudioRack…

Going to have a lot of fun building effects with this.