New, wet behind the ears, DORICO user

Hi everyone,
I’m an experienced arranger/keyboard player and I know Sibelius from a-z since the very first version. For the past 2 years (ca) I have been using Sib7
I instruct Sibelius notation at a musical college in Reykjavik Iceland.

I’m trying to learn my way around Dorico and of course stumbling, not finding certain things like: how to insert chord Symbols as D#dim or D#o.
Also to change the appearance of the score and parts to look more handwritten (Jazz Reprise)

Can’t find anything about this in ‘Help’ - - so please HELP :question:

Try Engraving Options (shift-command-E on Mac). Under Chord Symbols there are tons of options, including multiple ways of writing diminished chords. For score appearance, try Edit Font Styles… under the Engrave menu at the top of the screen (you have to be in Engrave mode).

Thank you Stephen
I will try these options.

Dorico doesn’t come with a handwritten font, I’m afraid, but you can use the SMuFL-compliant MuseJazz font with Dorico. This has been discussed before in this thread.