New Win7 (64-bit) machine... Windows Optimization?

Hi all… Happy This Year!!

First of two immediate questions:

I’m staring at a virgin, pristine DAW… and I’m wondering, prior to installing everything, how best to configure Windows for maximum music-production muscle.

The new machine is running Windows 7 Pro (64-bit) on an Intel i7-930, with 9GB of RAM. It will be used in conjunction with a MOTU 2408mk3.

As expected, The Internets are sharply divided between people who list hundreds of “unnecessary” Win7 services that they claim should be disabled immediately, and those who say that, vis-à-vis the current generation of multi-core machines, such tweaking is unnecessary and could yield counterproductive results…

Can anyone point to a useful Win7 equivalent of the old “” list of tweaking tips… and/or offer some new insight regarding whether “Windows optimization” is still as necessary/beneficial as it was in the XP days?

Thanks everyone!!

— Alan

FWIW I did all the tweaks recommended for XP back when I had an XP machine. My Win7/64 installation is the default installation with NO tweaks whatsoever and works fine. I figure if I run out of horsepower I may revisit, but have had no problems whatsoever. I don’t even turn off my anti-virus anymore.

I would suggest to do the standard install and see if that works for you. If it does, go make music and worry about tweaks when you need them. Win7 is an incredible OS and handles multi-core and multi-threading quite well.