New Windows 10 Computer not recognizing UR824

I am a newbie to this forum and an older one at that (69 years old). So please bear with me. I recently purchased a used UR824 for my DAW. I also purchased a new Windows 10 computer. I was previously running Cubase 6 on an iMac but I am migrating to Windows. I’ve loaded the UR824 disc. I powered up the UR824 and opened Cubase but it says that it can’t find the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO. Everything is hooked up properly I believe. Can anyone give me some guidance? I read somewhere that Windows 10 default does not recognize Steinberg interfaces and that something has to be changed in Windows to make it recognize it. I am not a technical person so I am a bit challenged in trying to figure this out. Help please. Many thanks.

I would suggest that you download the ur824 tools, and when you are up and running also download the firmware update on the same page (just scroll down).
Ols stuff on a CD might not work properly, as the UR824 has been around for a long time.
Good luck

To expand on Strummer’s comment, after you have downloaded and installed the UR824 software from you should see a new program in Windows program files -> Steinberg -> UR824 -> dspMIXFX. If your interface is connected and powered up, running dspMIXFX should show you the 8 channel mixer. dspMIXFX will display “No device found” if your 824 is not connected or turned off. Until dspMIXFX is working, the 824 will not work in Cubase. Cubase should not be running while you run dspMIXFX.

If you have already installed the software from a CD, it is best to uninstall both the Yahama/Steinberg ASIO driver and Steinberg dspMIXFX software before installing the latest versions downloaded from

There are no settings in Windows that need to be done, with the possible exception of selecting the UR824 as the Sound Output device if you intend to use a non-Cubase application such as a media player.