New with cubase

Hello all I am a old cakewalk user ,I haven’t purchased any steinberg products yet, but before I dive in to new waters I have few questions ,iis cubase 10.5 fully compatible with window and mac computers?, I need a DAW that works on both which cakewalk don’t, I have a 2016 i mac 21 inch and a dell laptop i7 that I use on gigs, so my idea is to use my I mac to record at my studio and then use the dell laptop to play back all the midi ,wave and synth tracks that I’ve recorded when I’m out playing…
Well thank you for your help and time

Hi and welcome,

Yes, Cubase is fully compatible with the current Windows and macOS versions. See system requirements down here, please.

If you want to use 2 computers, you would need the USB-eLicenser. Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist licenses come always on the USB-eLicenser. Cubase Elements/LE/AI licenses come as Soft-eLicenser by default, but you can transfer the license to the USB-eLicenser. With the USB-eLicenser, you can start Cubase on multiple computers. Just plug the USB-eLicenser to the computer and you can start your Cubase.

The current Windows 10 version is 2004 / 20H2. According to Steinberg, the latest supported Windows 10 Version for Cubase Pro 10.5 is 1909.