New Work

Hi folks,

I’ve been writing and recording a fair bit recently and here is a sample I’ve shared. It’s called Beyond a Mother’s Smile. This work is a combination of 4 tunes I wrote over many years and finally put together in a sort of suite, I suppose.

Hope you like it.


Hi Jonathan,

it’s good to be able to bring various tunes together
like you have done here. Completion.

The guitar sounded buzzy in places (as opposed to
dirty), especially after 2:36 for a minute or so.

Not sure what you are putting the guitar through.

At times after 5:32 I wanted to hear a bit of
wetness on it, but there’s stuff underneath that
is already effected, so maybe that works anyway.

Good to see you posting again.

Thanks Jet,

I think your ears are hearing correctly. The guitar is a bit buzzy - I do struggle to get the sound I really desire. This is for various reasons. The main one is that as a guitarist I make a really good flautist. My chops are never quite right so I attempt to hide the flaws behind effects etc. I don’t have an amp that I can truly record through so I tend to use other means. At the moment I am using the Amplitube app on my iPad and running the sound through a little Yamaha mixer. It’s the happiest for me so far but I get that I don’t always capture what I might really intend or wish for.

As for the wetness, I can certainly deal with that. I appreciate your thoughts on this as I hadn’t done so at that point and I’ll rework the track a bit. In hindsight, It’s what just might be needed.

All the best


Unlike everyone else on the planet (it seems) I can never
get a good sound out of an amp sim. So I know the issues
you face in getting something right.

I thought it was like string buzz, the action itself
set too low. But it’s hard to say for certain.

I will look forward to any changes you make and
get back to you!

It could easily be my technique but the action is set superbly, that much I do know and have worked upon.