New Xfer OTT plugin VST2 vs VST3 odd behavior

Xfer just released a new version of its OTT plugin (, which adds VST3 and M1 support.
Here’s the odd issue I encountered:

  • Without having installed the latest version of OTT (so running the previous version)

  • I create a new project and place 1 OTT somewhere.

  • I save the project and close Cubase. (I’m also running Cubase in Rosetta since the previous of version of OTT is vst2 only)

  • I install the latest version of OTT

  • I open Cubase and open the project

  • OTT is gone from the track

  • If I open the project in Native ARM mode, Cubase then informs me that the OTT vst2 plugin can’t be loaded, which makes sense, but at least it shows that the plugin is indeed supposed to be on the track.

  • If I make a new project in Rosetta mode, and try to add the VST3 version of OTT, it works. If I try to insert the VST2 version, the same issue happens. It shows as if no plugin had been inserted.

Is this an Xfer issue? or a Cubase issue? or both?

I’m on a M1 Macbook Pro, 16gb ram, latest Mac OS, latest Cubase 12, latest drivers, latest everything.

There’s no bypass button in the VST3 version, Windows 10.

Great plugin but it has some issues.