New Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver version 2.1.3 for Windows

Ur22 mk2
mb Gigabyte B560 hd3
cpu i3 10105f
Win11 pro
Sonar Platinum 2017 and WDM/WASAPI

If you corrected something for the better, then I did not notice it.
It became even worse in comparison with 2.0.4 for me.
Sudden brief blackouts have become even more unpredictable.
But now the input from the sound card has almost stopped working for me.
You have some programming problems.
On my old PC, until it broke, everything was fine, but after a lot of tweaking.
It is impossible to work on a new PC at all.
I understand. In the future, as soon as possible, I will look for equipment from someone else. Instead of music, I am constantly trying to deal with incessant problems with your device.
I’m sorry, the sound quality of the device is very good, but it became unbearable to work.
Even if you think. that I denigrate you, know my opinion.
You can delete the message. I don’t care. My nerves are dearer to me.
Good luck.


Please let us know when all issues are resolved. I’m sure the whole world isn’t beta testers for audio drivers. Simplest way is to buy another audio card.


I had problems with Cubase freezing at the News/Projects screen. I couldn’t work out why for days and it turned out that going back to the 2.1.1 driver resolved the problem. Therefore, to claim 2.1.3 fixes problems is a bit misleading.

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The issue with sharing drivers may have been fixed but you have introduced a new bug where audio drops out completely after approximately 10-15mins of idle time. As mentioned above this requires a reboot of the device. I’m on Windows 11 with a UR22 Mark 1.

It is issues like this which discourage me from purchasing further Steinberg or Yamaha products.

How long do we have to wait now to have this issue fixed?


2.13 (YSUB_V213_Win) Driver 4 YAMAHA MG12XU 0 Audio since last Win 10 Updates Patches fix it YAMAHA!

Please YAMAHa fix this bad MG12XU win 10 Driver, i have 0 audio transfer with usb 2 cable 2 the mixer MG12XU, but i can see that windows it sends but the mixer recieved nothing audio from USB-PC, i have testet the same hardware with Yamaha Audigram 6 ther is all perfectly.

I have 0 Headphone Sound on MG12XU :frowning: :frowning: .

The USB Connection is all ok, i have testet it on 2 Yamaha Mixer., but the USB Driver blocked the Audio Headphone Signal #fail. I have MIKRO Audio Signal with the MG12XU but not over the USB Cable from Windows 10 PC?.

How i can write this the Yamaha Support???

Is the Yamaha Support active in this forum?

One Question why i can not deinstall the Driver in the win system control?

If i do it, after system restart the driver is re active in system control why?

Wow! After all this time waiting for a new driver the release, it is incredibly disappointing that it also has issues. Cubase 12 pro will not close down with it, and I have had to reinstall 2.04 in order for Cubase and my UR-RT4 to work properly again. The failure to make available the DSP Mix Fx 2.0 to UR-RT4 owners is also very disappointing particularly given its price point. I have today purchased the Lewitt Connect 6 (at less than half the price of the UR-RT 4 interface purchased from Steinberg). But since the Ur-RT4 has not worked properly with the latest driver releases over the last 2 year period means I am done with Steinberg interfaces. It seems unreasonable that I should be expected to put up with this any longer. Hopefully Steinberg and Yamaha (particularly as it is the latter’s USB driver that is the problem) will address this before they lose too many other customers.


Apparently they test their own driver not on MG X audio mixers, I know a streamer that also had extreme USB driver problems on the MG10XU modelle, I’ll have to do everything over Toslink now for better or worse.

If Yamaha does not soon add a decent driver.

MY ADVICE TO YAMAHA: TEST YOUR DRIVERS WITH YOUR PRODUCTS PLEASE WITH BIGGER Windows Patches so you can adjust them if it doesn’t work with Windows either.
And yes even with Windows 10 patches , not everyone already has Windows 11.

I just reinstalled Windows 10 Pro on my laptop after having HDD damage and replaced it with new SSD. Installed YSUSB_V213_Win driver and use it with Yamaha MG12XU (@terminatorsaw2k, you have this too) and since then no problems at all. Works with charm.

Before I reinstalled my laptop, I had the same problems with this version and I used 2.0.3 which was the best for me. I have UR242 and MG12XU.

So my conclusion would be - clean your tool (PC and probably MAC too?). I’m going to leave in past the method that one computer should hold everything I have. No! Better to reinstall Windows more often and configure it for current needs. And, of course don’t use computer to hold all projects. Once done, store project on external device so your tool can be reinstalled at any time without spending days for copying terabytes to many devices.

Download latest Windows image, put on USB stick, put all software installations on another drive. I did install only those I need for current projects. Full reinstall process took me only few hours and it is worth to not to have problems at least for next two months.

Windows updates! Yes, it’s the biggest bug ever as it is Windows itself :slight_smile: But if we have it clean, it works very well. To have it clean you should reinstall everything, because uninstalling doesn’t help even you use something like PC cleaning software. They all make money and it’s not always related to your PC’s health.

This fight is over! At least for me!
Steinberg, how do you like this conclusion? Haven’t I earned a pint of beer?
With love from Latvia :wink:

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That’s not really your advice to reinstall Windows just because Yamaha / Steinberg are not able to build proper drivers?

Perhaps the driver developers should seek direct contact with Microsoft so that the problems disappear.


Hello there.

Windows 11 Pro, Cubase 12 Pro, and UR824.

The current driver isn’t working properly. It actually worked the first time, but since then, it constantly freezes Cubase.

Reverting to the 2.0.4, because it still seems to work fine, until there’s an update.

Or vice versa! Maybe Microsoft developers should seek for contact how to deal with hardware. For example, display drivers for AMD Radeon from manufacturer works very well while equivalent from Microsoft is more simplified and works not well. I’m sure some updates (Microsoft libraries) interfere normal processing and prioritize Microsoft products/drivers.

That’s impossible, because of the massive amount of hardware out there.

Yes, that’s normal. Graphic adapter contain their own Cpu and firmware and the manufacturer has the knowledge on how to get the maximum out of it. Microsoft just builds the core functionality.

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Hello. I’ve been using the Yamaha AG03 MK2 on my Macbook, and I enjoy this interface very much. However, I recently got a Windows machine to serve as a new streaming PC for OBS and Twitch, and it just has been impossible to do anything well because of constant USB disconnects and audio dropouts.

What I would like to ask is if there are any plans for a new driver coming out soon to help solve the various issues that apparently have become so commonplace affecting Yamaha AG series audio interfaces (and apparently also Steinberg interfaces as well) and USB connection drop issues?

Is there, say, a beta version we can try out to help give feedback and troubleshooting data for the above issues?



@Kenneth_Chia, Yamaha says:

  • Fixed a problem that prevented AG03/06 bundled applications from being used on some PCs. With this correction, AG DSP Controller will no longer be available for AG03/06. Please use AG Controller from now on.

So probably if you don’t have 2.1.3, then try.
Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V2.1.3 for Windows 11/10 (64-bit) - Yamaha USA

If the problem still persists, just try version 2.0.3 (some say 2.0.4 is good, but I have 2.0.3). If you cannot find this version, I can send you.

I’ve been using 2.1.3, which is the problematic one.

I’ve heard of 2.0.4 being the last one that truly worked properly. I’ll see about trying that out.

Still hoping there are plans for a new driver soon that would fix all these USB disconnects, even if it’s in beta.

But Windows really likes to interfere with the work of the original drivers. If it does that on graphic drivers, it can do the same on audio drivers. And it seems that it does.

I didn’t say it does not interfer with the audio driver, I just said it is totally impossible for Microsoft (and that is valid for Steinberg too) to get hold of every single piece of hardware and the required software.

Hardware manufacturers always have much deeper information about what the firmware in their devices is capable of doing.

Of course, I agree. But with my comment I try to state that Microsoft updates in many situations interfere with manufacturer’s products placing “genuine” Microsoft pieces at higher priority. I didn’t find that we have a choice in setup for that.

Well, I tried the AG03 mk2 with both the 2.1.3 drivers after the latest windows update… no fix to the issue.

On the advice of the other forums, I tried the old 2.0.3 drivers… now, it doesn’t disconnect, but it has very bad crackling and other audio artifacts, making it still unusable for what I want to do.

Interestingly enough, the older 2.0.3 drivers show as “Microphone” and “Speaker” under the sound devices, while the newest 2.1.3 drivers show as “Line” twice. I wonder if that’s a symptom or source of the overall problem we are all experiencing.

Guess I’ll have to stream from my underpowered Macbook until a fix on Yamaha/Steinberg’s end allows me to use the stream PC for the audio.

I remember version 1.7 was ideal for long time and nobody can explain why we update/upgrade already working systems. And best of all - it does the same thing that 2.0.3 and 2.1.3.