Problems with MG12XU win 10 Driver

Please YAMAHa fix this bad MG12XU win 10 Driver, i have 0 audio transfer with usb 2 cable 2 the mixer MG12XU, but i can see that windows it sends but the mixer recieved nothing audio from USB-PC, i have testet the same hardware with Yamaha Audigram 6 ther is all perfectly.

I have 0 Headphone Sopund on MG12XU :frowning: :frowning: .

The USB Connection is all ok, i have testet it on 2 Yamaha Mixer., but the USB Driver blocked the Audio Headphone Signal #fail. I have MIKRO Audio Signal with the MG12XU but not over the USB Cable from Windows 10 PC?.

How i can write this the Yamaha Support???

Is the Yamaha Support active in this forum?

So I have now found another problem with the audio monitoring headphone output on the Audiogram 6 and with the same audio driver, after a few hours sometimes, not always, I have a robot like synthesizer audio playing in the headphones.

That is also there are apparently USB driver problems from Yamaha, where audio signals are apparently blocked.

When is Yamaha thinking of releasing another update?

Apparently several product lines are affected.

But i can fix it with pc restart.

Other Guys have the same Problems with Yamaha Audiogram 6 Drivers!

See here:

You have posted in the Steinberg forum, for Steinberg brand products.

I use a Sternberg Yamaha driver is not the self?

Where i can find the Yamaha Forum I do not know any?

U have a LInk 4 me?

Sorry, I do not. I do know that the Steinberg/Yamaha drivers work correctly though, if they did not, there would be many reports about the same error.

Maybe someone else in this forum might help solve your problem. It would be helpful if you could give some more information, it’s kind of difficult to make out precisely what causes the problem from your post.

I suggest you try troubleshooting the problem using the assumption that the driver does work correctly, and that the problem is somehow in the configuration. This might allow you to reveal what’s happening.

Hello Yamaha Support are you okay?

I have provided proof here that their drivers do not work properly with recent updates of Windows 10 64 bit, have you read the OBS forum post I linked?

I have the USB DRIVER problems with the same driver on 2 different Yamaha mixers from you?

How can you be so ignorant, do they actually read the forum here properly?

Where users say that Yamaha will soon lose many customers if they continue to operate so their driver policy?

Their update process is just too low and we customers have to suffer!

Pulse 300!

Your junk driver is currently just not working, I can gladly link you here a DXDiag here to find the error possibly.

There is nowhere to point this out to Yamaha, no address to report errors!

This is not good customer service that Yamaha delivers internationally.

I would advise Yamaha times to build its own forum for customers so that errors are noticed in the first place how do you know that not many more have these problems, although I have experienced it several times.

A Yamaha forum on the Yamaha website would make driver problems quickly findable.

Yamaha has lost me as a customer.

Question why ist he driver change self the Samlplerate from 41khz to 48 khz sample rate on a yamaha audiogram 6 if i restart my pc? This is a driver mistake!!!

This is the same yamaha steinberg driver for UR steinberg products!!!

Read please this here: Yamaha Ag06 with audio problems when opening the obs! | OBS Forums (


Neue Yamaha Steinberg USB Treiber Version 2.1.3 für Windows - Steinberg Hardware / UR Series - Steinberg Foren

There are also customers complaining about another Steinberg product with exactly the same drivers problems??? And you seriously tell me the driver runs in ORDER!!!???

Because it is the same DRIVER like my Yamaha Steinberg Driver!

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