New Zoom UA8 interface, USB 3.0

I dropped by a friends house today to check this out. It comes with a free version of C8LE and we able to load a few tracks into a new project, load a few plugins and start reducing the ASIO driver samples. This is on a Win10 loaded PC with an i7 processor, an SSD C Drive, and 32G of ram. The send in the Cubase Driver window at 32 samples read 1.73ms and the return read 3.78ms. Audio played fine no glitches or crackling as I bypassed the Inserts, dragged the faders, and hovered over the project with the mouse. I didn’t try to go any lower.

Honestly, I was really really impressed. Have any of you tried this interface?

I am fairly naïve to the benefit of an ADAT connector and in practice, but beyond this the paperwork says (as I read it) the device should have 8 analog outputs as well (plus the monitor stereo output pair). However it would seem in practice that one output pair gets absorbed by the selection of ‘!0’ mono outs (or five stereo pairs). In other words, two of the channels don’t show up in the Device manager. ?? And this could be a limit with Win10, I don’t know. It also has midi onboard and super low jitter internal clock that can interface with other devices plus the latest A/D and D/A converters, also spidif out. Did I forget anything?

Well, anybody else tried one of these interfaces and care to give me some feedback?