Newb: Record multi tracks ok - playback without interface not

new Nuendo user here - I’ll have a few basic questions I suspect!
No 1 - Nuendo Live came with our churches Yamaha TF mixer. I have recorded 32 tracks onto a HDD at the church and want to play the project back at home just on my Mac’s internal audio. All I am getting are the first two channels - I can see all the rest but they don’t play.
In Nuendo’s prefs I see there is an audio pref for stereo or multitrack but I’m only allowed to check stereo.
Is it possible to play all the tracks back through the 2 stereo channels?
Flummoxed, I am!

Took the HDD and Nuendo dongle to another Mac and multitrack mode works fine…
This is a new iMac that’s not playing pack in multi
Any ideas pls?

We’ve had our TF5 for a little over a year in our church and just got around to installing Nuendo Live last week. I recorded Sunday night service and can play it on my Mac but when trying to send it back to the TF5, nothing. I’ve set my input to USB on all channels. After looking through this forum it appears that the Nuendo Live may be a dead product, yours is the only post in recent history and the current version was released 3 years ago. We want to record most/all 32 tracks before the digital gain so that we can do trouble shooting and sound checks without having to have the whole band here. I love the mixer but if this software is a dead product I’m very disappointed in Yamaha for continuing to use it.

Make sure that you have the drivers for your Yamaha TF installed and that they’re actually being used by checking the Device -> Device Setup -> VST Audio System menu. Also press F4 to check how the inputs and outputs are connected.

Nuendo Live is very easy to setup and the majority of its users will be people who are already familiar with Cubase and Nuendo. There aren’t many posts about it here for this reason. There’s also not much reason for Steinberg to update it until either Nuendo receives a major revamp or OS compatibility requires it. It already does what it’s designed to do pretty well.

Here is my setup screen:

set your Nuendo Live to stereo mode if you want to audition your recordings on your mac. multitrack mode will try to play out your recorded channels on individual outputs, while stereo mode will mix them together…