Newbie#1: How-To get sound of MIDI drums on exported WAV

Hi there,

I made my first “song”; a simple MIDI drumbox pattern and a few chords on the guitar. I can listen to the song fine in Cubase; the drums I use are DrumStation / Classic TR-808. But when I export my song to a WAV file, the drum sounds are not included, I only hear the guitar.

What must I do to get them in the WAV?


Is drumstation a stand alone app or a Vsti?


I is the “DrumStation Rack (Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth)”. It was included with Cubase LE5, it’s nothing I bought seperately.


You can’t use the MS Wavetable, it’s a part of Windows used for playback of MIDI files.

Hi Mashedmitten,

If I can’t use MS Wavetable, what should I use?

I don’t want fancy drums, just something more than a metronome. I will be using recordings for my band that has a drummer. At my home I will record some stuff with the singer, and based on the recording, other members will compose their own part of the song.


HalionOne has drum kits, so does Universal Sound Module. USM is GM and can be had from Steiny’s .ftp site.

kvr audio also has loads of free VSTi’s.

If the Drumstation rack was “included with Cubase LE5”, can you set up a VST instrument track and assign the output of the instrument track to Drumstation??

Drum Station Rack is just a preset of MS Wavetable, not a VSTi. :wink:

Thanks for all your answer. I solved it this way: I added an Instrument track (instead of a MIDI track), and assigned that track to HALionOne / Rock Drum Kit. That works like a charm for me.

Thanks again!