Newbie can't assign audio inputs to track

I’m brand new to Cubase (many years Sonar). I have a focusrite scarlett18i8. I can’t understand how to assign a track in Cubase to use the specific input on my focusrite. In the “Studio Setup” I have the FocusRite as my VST Audio system (see attached screen capture). I have 8 inputs visible. The first two I have named “Scarlett Mic 1” and “Scarlett Mic 2”. Now when I create a track I expect to see these options in the inspector input area. Instead I see 3 items: “Stereo in 1”, “Mono in 1” and “Mono in 2”. (I expected to see Scarlett1 and Scarlett2 here). I notice in my “studio” setup my inputs are shown as “inactive”.

Can anyone please help me so I can use Scarlett Mic 2 as the assigned input for my track?

It is a bit confusing at first. But the Studio setup, is not where you setup the audio connection for your project.

Try Audio connections (F4) It is first option when you enter studio menu.

Added photo.

The audio connections you make here, follow project. They are not global. So you will want to save your connections as presets. So if you start a empty project, you can quickly setup your connections for the new project.

So make shure you make some project templates. Then your audio connections will load with the template.

Thanks very much. This worked.