Newbie: Can't find vocal track presets

I cannot seem to find simple track presets like “Standard Male Voice”. :question: If I open up a new project for acoustic guitar and vocal, the vocal track is preloaded with the “Standard Male Voice” track preset. But in my current recording project, if I create an audio track and click on Track Presets, I cannot find presets for vocal tracks…male or female. What am I missing here? I’ve messed with this for a while and can’t seem to find anything. Thanks for your consideration! The Track Preset finder seems to be so strange. After having entered “Standard Male Vocal” in the search query and coming up empty, I deleted the search query and now I can’t seem to pull up ANY track presets at all of any kind. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!

Look in Mediabay and see if you can locate and add a track to your project window with your vocal template there.

Good luck,