Newbie Engraving Question (Page Template Editor)

I have been trying to learn Engrave Mode. Some changes I am making to a page template for Default Part>>>First are not translating to
Remanso Transcription 05172024.dorico (1.4 MB)
the actual parts.

In the uploaded project, I attempted to add a text frame “Transcr M. Mendelson” to the “First” page of the parts. I successfully used the Page Template Editor to add this text field. I hit “apply” and “close”. However the additional text field is not appearing on the Violin and Guitar part.

Can someone direct me as to steps I need to take?

Check out whether those pages have overrides (red triangle in the miniature of the page at the top of the right panel in Engrave mode). This would prevent Dorico from applying the template to your page.

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Thank-you Mark. My error was not applying the L.>>>R copying to the frame. But I have another problem. The text frame I added will not align to the right in spite of my activating the right-alignment option. I have uploaded thge revised project. Any help to get my new text aligned with the “composer” text would be appreciated.
Remanso Transcription 05172024.dorico (1.5 MB)

You may have hit the Tab key after entering the token. See below.
Remanso Transcription 05172024_altered.dorico (1.5 MB)

I went into the page template and removed what must have been the “tab” character and you were right. The text is now right-aligned. Thank-you! That is really scary. What is the proper method of exiting text entry?

On a Mac, I use Command+Return or Esc.


I just click outside the frame to keep what I wrote or (I think) press ESC to bail out.

This was the way I used to do it, but it causes some real issues with a strange marquee select that appears. Cmd/ctrl-Enter is the safe way now.


That is how the key should work, but I think the developers didn’t want to completely abandon the Sibelius convention, which is that esc keeps the edits.