newbie forum question. How to upload image and xml file


Sorry, another very easy question for someone to answer, but not for me.

I have an xml file that I want someone to download and check it through Dorico.

I also have a jpg file of the music as displayed in program B.

I have uploaded both files to dropbox/public and previewed the results here, before submitting the post here.

The xml file doesn’t actually get downloaded when I click from here, but instead the link is displayed at dropbox public for a comment. Not at all what I intended.

The jpg file that I linked to from here, gets a response from here that the file dimensions cannot be confirmed, please confirm jpg size!

I have used Img and URL correctly in the syntax from here I believe.

Could some kind soul, please assist me in displaying the dropbox links correctly to the xml file and jpg file so that you can see the jpg file and download the xml file.

Thank you.


Perhaps try zipping the two files up into a single .zip file and upload it to somewhere like, and simply post the link here.