Newbie help please

I’m hoping someone can help, spent a long time making sure I installed Cubase correct . I have done. I’m trying to follow beginer cubase lesson 1, I have no probs following commands , I open up loops and samples from pull down right hand side , open up groove agent s.e , NOW when I choose and click on a sample I.e kick or Tom, there is no sound frustrating as this is a beginer vid ( yes i have auto play checked below ) so i should here it , i can see the sample line move across the waves below . NoW before someone said check your volumes , if i open up groove agent from elsewhere in Cubase i.e have the full groove agent program open on my screen with the pads etc , no problem click on a sample I can hear it . Any ideas please sorry real hard to explain exact .

Hi and welcome,

If you are on Cubase Pro, enable Control Room (Studio > Audio Connections), add Monitor 1 bus and route this one to your main output. Then set your Stereo Out from the Audio Connections > outputs to Not Connected. All Preview outputs are routed via Monitor 1.

Or if Control Room is not enabled (or you are not on Cubase Pro), Right-click to the Stereo Out in the Audio Connections > outputs and enable it as “Main Mix”.