Newbie here

Hi all, just took the promotion for Finale users, after 20+ years I think it was time to try out something different.

I’m in the early stages, watching tutorials, reading online help and exploring the menus and options.

I must thank Dorico for the excellent translation into Spanish, never seen before in a musical scoring software. There are some places where English terms are still in use (should one report those instances?)

Quick questions:

  1. Can ledger lines thickness be modified?
  2. Can ledger lines, ties and slur tips be rounded, like other objets such as articulations? (sure, this is noticeable only at high magnification)
  3. I’ve tried several setting for beaming, saving them as defaults, but I still encounter many cases in which a manual tweaking is necessary. ¿Have the developers thought of implementing some kind of learning curve for items the user manually changes more often? I always dreamt of such a feature in Finale, mostly for beams and slurs…

Looking forward great scoring!

Felipe Copaja
Dorico 3.5.10
Macbook Pro Retina (2012)
Valdivia - Chile

Ledger line thickness is in Engraving Options > Notes > Ledger Lines.

I don’t think tips can be rounded, but you can set the thickness of a slur end in Engraving Options.

Can you show examples of the beaming?

Hi and thank you.
Is there a setting in the forum that allows inserting attachments? Not working for me

Yes, but you can only upload images or zip files. And images have to be smaller then 700 pixels wide.

Ok Dan.
Here’s an example.
I’ve set all angles to ½ space, but don’t know how to make them ¼ when necessary

Felipe (32.7 KB)

Welcome to the forum, btw.

For the manual change below, I’m using Alt+arrows.

For global changes, I assume you’ve looked at Engraving Options—Beaming—Slants?

Sure Dan, set them all to ½ space, but only ¼ space related setting is for the outer staff lines.

Well, you aren’t missing any settings. That’s where all the global options are, and local changes can be made as needed.

Then, I’ll keep dreaming… :slight_smile:

This is one example that can’t really be done in Dorico. Dorico either has default gap between beams or the widened gap where all 3 beams follow the exact same sit/straddle/hang settings:

Ideally I’d like to see a semi-widened gap so the outer beams aren’t using the same sit/straddle/hang rules, and the middle beam has a 1/4 sit or 1/4 hang setting. Something like this, which avoids all wedges:

It’s very easy to change the beam angle in Dorico, but impossible to customize the gap between beams, other than the settings in Engraving Options.

Exactly! I do a lot of these in Finale


Allowing you to change the thickness of the beam lines and the gap on a per-beam basis is something we plan to allow in a future version of the software.

I second your second question, Felipe – might I suggest to the team that it in my opinion it would be really beautiful to have ever so slightly rounded ledger lines, beams, stem ends, etc. I absolutely love the inky rounded warm aesthetic you achieved with the Bravura font, and I find the computery right angles in other visual elements to clash with them. I know it’s subtle, but I think it would create a really nice look.

Hi, just wondering if this feature was addressed in D4.

Yes, you can set the Beam thickness and separation for a given beam in the Properties panel.