(Newbie) How do I split multiple staff(player) respectively in full score?

entering a symphony

live stream

Last night Dorico Live Stream “Entering a Symphony” is very helpful.
I follow copying Maler from the scratch.
All the instruments are set-up well like video, but multiple staffs don’t show up respectively.
(Pls, see the uploaded the png image)
I’m a Korean, it’s very difficult to understand the classic music jargon in english.
How do I adjust the options?

I found a solution to watch other tutorial vedios.
One is toggling the “Condensing” and another is to adjust the “braketing for orchestra”.
Thanks forum.

It’s the section in the Entering a Symphony video at about 56:00

Watch that video carefully especially when John is showing galley view (vs Page view) — you cannot input notes in Page view when condensing is on, on condensed instruments !