Newbie: How to add RemixLive or Launchpad to Cubasis iOS

As I’m new to Cubasis on my iPad, I’d like to know, wether its possible to use readymade grooves like these from RemixLive or Launchpad. I’m so bad in composing grooves, so I would like to use presets.

Maybe there are drum-grooves already implemented in cubasis?

Thanks for help!

Hi @tom,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum.

Cubasis already comes with lots of factory presets for the included instruments and effects plug-ins, as well as MIDI grooves and audio loops.

In addition, you’re free to import WAV files and more, and can use them alongside with real-time time-stretch and pitch-shift.

Here is the link to our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial, which hopefully helps to learn more about Cubasis…

Hope that helps!


Hi @tom again,

These are the steps to browse the library in Cubasis:

  1. Tap the “Media” button located top left.
  2. In the “MediaBay” choose “Audio”, “MIDI”, or “Instruments”

From there, you can browse the subfolders to your liking. All “factory presets” and “factory loops” come with “phrase previews” which can be reviewed via selecting them (make sure “Autoplay” is enabled.

Please let me know if this helps!


Hi Lars,

thank you for your quick help!
These videos are really helpful. Don’t know, why I haven’t searched youtube myself… :wink:

I like cubasis on iOS a lot, because it’s much more “easy” than using any DAW under Windows.

Greetings from Erfurt


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Hi @tomul,

Thanks for you kind message!

We are glad to read that the tutorial is helpful for you and that you like Cubasis too!

Please note that we have lots of additional Cubasis tutorials available. As a starter, you may check this YouTube Playlist link.

More to find on the YouTube channel, and it may makes sense to browse the web as well, to find lots of additional clips from other YouTubers as well…

Hope that helps!

Enjoy making music
& stay safe,