Newbie needs help movign from 4ai to 6ai

Hello all-
I am a long term cubase user (1988) and haven’t upgraded platforms since the new licensing system was created-
I’m currently using 4AI (compatible with my Motif XS7) and have recently acquired an O1v that included 6ai-

I’m assuming that 6ai will still work fine with my Motif, but I’m also worried about anything I could do to mess up the upgrade- Ie, I have lots of plug ins (Waves, NI) and lots of cubase files, and I don’t want to make the change and find out that I nuked something along the way.

With that said, can anyone advise me-

  1. The proper way to backup and do the upgrade and avoid any licensing problems
  2. Is there any chance I will lose any functionality with the Motif,since it came with 4AI?

Any and all info appreciated!


Any ideas?