Newbie needs help


I just purchased the UR242.

My use case is that I have a number of old 1/4" tapes with some tracks on that I need to digitise.

My setup is as follows:

Akai 400D reel to reel tape player connected to
UR242 inputs 3/4 via phono to jack leads connected to
Windows 8.1 Samsung all in one PC via USB
Audacity software for recording

I have used a similar setup with a USB turntable for years without issue

I can hear the tape content via headphones on the tape player and through the UR242 headphone socket

I can see the monitor bars on the UR 242 software display.

But. I cannot hear or record anything through the PC.

I have tried every combination of the sound devices via the control panel, but no joy.

I have been at this for days now and I am at my wits end/

Hep please.

Probably need to select the correct recording source within Audacity. Screenshots might help or a description of that setup.

This is Audacity and YR 242softwa showing that the ur242sees the input from the reel to reel

This shows the recording settings

This shows the playback settings

Two things I would try…
Select the UR as the play back device. It might matter if the loopback is used. Also, I think besides MME, there is a WASAPI option. I think I selected that when I recorded to Audacity last time.


I’ll give it a go

Tried it. No joy :frowning:

Just curious if you have tried recording to Cubase (or any other DAW or audio software).
A few other things I thought of… Make sure Direct Monitoring is turned off in the dspMix app settings. then, if you hear the music in the output of the UR, that means it made it THROUGH the computer and must be a software or settings issue. Also, I see you have the solo buttons all on (it appears anyway) and not sure why or if they need to be. Lastly, try the loopback settings in the UR. Maybe something there.

I can’t get the Cubase AI download that came with the UR242 to work. It tells me that my license key is invalid, so I gave up.

I’ll retry and try the other suggestions you’ve made.