[newbie] Not listening from MIDI but the meters moves

Hi all, I’m new to Cubase AI and generally speaking with this type of SW.
I’m doing my first steps following video tutorials and experimenting .
I have a problem with the use of an external keyboard (a Medeli M15).
I connected it to the PC with Windows 10 with an USB cable. In see the keyboard in Cubase and can create a MIDI track but when I play I can only see moving the meter associated with the MIDI but I can’t hear nothing.
I noted that other tracks that I created have the output set in a different way than MIDI.
Thanks for help

So which meter do you mean? The little one at bottom right shows midi information is being received.

What are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to play a virtual instrument and if so which one. If you have created a midi track but not aimed it at anything then there will be no sound.

Are you trying to play the sounds on the keyboard? To do that you need to turn local off on the keyboard and then create a midi track in Cubase and aim the output to the keyboard midi in.

The thing to know is midi is not audio. It is just messages which are sent to trigger sounds either within Cubase or externally. For singal internal instruments the midi channel is not really important but for multitimbral instruments like halion or your keyboard then the midi channel has more importance.

If you are a new starter then I strongly suggest you read up on midi as it will help your understanding.
Also try be more specific in what you are trying to do. Not always easy but that’s why a bit if reading can help you.

Use an Instrument Track instead of a MIDI Track, it is much more convenient to setup & use.

MIDI Tracks only send and receive MIDI Data, not Audio - which needs to be setup on its own.

An Instrument Track combines the MIDI and Audio into one integrated Track.

Thanks @mkok and @raino, as soon as possible I’ll use yours suggestions to solve the problem.
Probably the error is that I add a MIDI track without an instrument associated to it.
I hope to be back with the solution or at worst with more details on the problem.

SOLVED: after installing instrument components and add an instrument track, all goes well and I’m able to listen the sound.