Newbie / note editor bass clef / keyboard record ?

Hello I am completely new to cubase and recording at all.
Trying my first steps and hope for some support:

What I am trying to do:
I want to record a few notes from my keyboard (roland stage paino RD700GX) and see the result in the note editor -> correct some notes -> play back using cubase instruments and later on the Roland.

What I was able to do so far:

  • connect the Roland with the PC using an Audio Interface via MIDI cabling
  • set the Roland to mode “MIDI record”
  • opened a new project in cubase
  • added a midi track (selected grand piano settings from the dialog in cubase)
  • recorded some notes
  • opened the note editor
  • noticed that there is no bass clef (is that the right word ?)
  • opened the note editor settings and selected split note system at C1
  • recorded again but still the notes below C1 are not on the bass lines (please see the attached screen shot)

I am sure I am doing something wrong.
Can somebody give me a hint what I need to change?
(ordered some tutorial DVDs already but they take time to be delivered).

Thank you in advance and sorry if this a too newbie question.

I think your split point is too low. The default is C3. Try changing it to that.

Thanks innerlyte,
that did the job.
But I am suprised. I thougt the split for piano notation is at C1 by default (alto clef and bass clef). Does C1 in the cubase note editor has a different meaning than C1 on my claviature or on printed music sheets?

That attachment is a piano notation chart. The 1’s on it are fingerings, I presume. If you notice there are 2 G1’s.

C3 is middle C.