Newbie numero uno calling - how to get started

I’m the newest of all newbies using Cubase AI5 around, I guess - and get in trouble already when reading the manual… Me and my 15 years old son is increasingly getting seriously depressed whilst NOT manage to record a single note on our computer! Well, we manage to get sounds from our guitar into the PC but that’s about it…

Could someone please give a REALLY newbie som tips on where to go to find the most NEWBIE’ish instructions on using the Cubase AI5 along with the Steinberg CI2?
So far this forum have been useful on a lot of topics, but there seem to be not so many amateurs as me - so many of the problems/problemsolvings in here is quite difficult to understand properly…to say at least :slight_smile:


Good way to start would be giving complete system specs as well as a complete description of your issues. “It’s broke, how do I fix it?” won’t get you too far. The Getting Started section of the manual would do wonders as well as the vids, here;

TorVei: Checkout some of these You tube Videos

scroll down abit

They helped me out alot when I first started with Cubase Le4

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: