Newbie on cubase 11 elements -- ASIO select, which one?

hi all, just installed cubase elements 11 on windows 10 pc.
im using a steinberg ur22mkII. the plan is to be able to record guitar and have a mess around with beat samples and use midi keyboard etc. I am struggling with the ASIO aspect and how to assign studio setting to here guitar. i have the ur22 asio, asio4all and generic low latency asio to choose from, its burnt me out! any intel would be great thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Use the Yamaha Steinberg ASIO Driver, please. This gives you the lowest latency, highest stability and some extra features bundled with the Steinberg Audio Devices only.

Plug the guitar to the Hi-Z input. In the Audio Connections > Input, add Mono bus and select the relevant Input as the Audio Port.

Add Mono Audio track. Enable Monitor to monitor your guitar thru the track (and its plug-ins). Make sure the Record is enabled on the track. Hit Transport Record and enjoy recording. Disable Monitor on the track to hear, what had been recorded (not what comes from the input). Payback your song.

Hi Martin, thanks for the response, I am trying to set this up on pc for my 13 year old son for Christmas, it is a mine field for someone of my ability!!! I have active monitor speakers that are working fine until I try Cubase, should my input and output be set to ur22, at the moment I have no indication that Cubase is receiving signal from guitar, although I have seen a signal at one point I can not recall the configuration that led me to that situation, at that time I still had no guitar sound

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Yes, the Input and Output should be set to UR22 in Cubase. First, you have to select the Yamaha Steinberg ASIO Driver in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System. Then you can select the exact Audio Ports in the Audio Connections.

I have pioneer dm40 monitor speakers that seem to go to standby mode once I have a guitar signal coming through on Cubase, I feel I am one mouse click away from cracking the code

ur22 states that it is active on both input and output at the moment


Are the speakers connected to the UR22 Output, please?

Could you attach a screenshots of the Audio Connections > Inputs and Outputs, please?

Can you hear an audio, if you import in audio file (from MediaBay, for example)?

speakers are into the back of pc at the moment, should they be in a line output on back of ur22?



Steinberg has limited my media to 1 item as a new member

Please, connect the speakers to the UR22, otherwise you will not hear the sound from UR22 in the speakers.

Thank you for your time and advice, guitar finally sounds like one, i fear our cubase journey will be a steep learning curve

@steve_shaw, I know this probably isn’t your biggest concern at the moment. However, if you are planning on using any kind of guitar amp simulation type VST effects I would suggest to record your mono input bus to a stereo audio track. This will allow you to more conveniently use stereo effects. There are different views on this, of course …

Anyway, probably more than you need to think about right now! :grinning:

This forum is a good place to solve whatever issues you might experience in the future. Good luck. It is indeed a challenge and an exciting adventure when entering the world of the DAW.

Yes like you I started with Cubase in about Feb. There are lots of good videos on YouTube by Born to Produce and others that will get you started. It is a steep learning curve but you will get there ok. :hugs:
Go on sweetwater site and find the instructions to optimise your computer for recording!