Newbie question: different midi tracks and programs


I have three midi tracks and all of them have the same output (Halion Sonic SE - MIDI). I want every track to have a different program (or instrument/sound as you prefer) keeping though Halion as output, but what happens is when I change a program in one of the tracks, the program in the other two tracks change automatically. Is there any way that I can keep each track with a unique program (instrument/sound) while using the Halion?

Thanks again for the help!

Whole manual devoted to the plug, what step went wrong?

Yes, you can either create three Instrument Tracks (each would be using an instance of HALion), or you can create three instances in the Instrument Rack with three MIDI channels (each pointing to one of the rack slots). You could also use any combination of the two scenarios.

HALion (in general, although I have not really used HSSE) can also be, what in the old days of MIDI was called, a multi-timbral instrument. This means that one instance can listen to up to sixteen channels of MIDI data. One or more MIDI Tracks could then address this instance and these channels. This scenario, IMHO, is more tricky unless you’ve done or understand MIDI fairly well.

My opinion is to start with the instrument tracks and learn a bit of MIDI and as suggested, read up on the technologies involved (that means Cubase and HSSE as well). But that’s just my opinion! :slight_smile: