Newbie Question - multitrack recording

Hi all

My Christmas present this year was GuitarRig4 with Cubase LE4. I’m thrilled to bits.

But this is a new thing for me. Although I have played guitar for many years, I have never recorded…

So far, I have managed to record a single guitar track. woohoo. but now i obviously want to add some more tracks:

  1. In ‘Kore’ (part of the GuitarRig software) there are some great drum samples. I want to use these in my cubase recording … but i can’t seem to get Kore to send, or cubase to listen… where do i start?

  2. how do i sync the tracks? GR has the ability to play a pre-recorded track in preamp and/or post amp. but this mixes the track into the new one. Alternatively, If i listen to the recorded track over my PC speakers, and listen to my guitar through GR output, there is a slight - but noticeable lag.

I know these are REALLY basic questions. please forgive… i gotta start somewhere…

If Kore’s a VSTi, you need to program a MIDI track with a drum beat routed to Kore for playback. If there are patterns you want to use it depends if they’re MIDI or Audio.

There’s also stacks of information on the Cubase LE4 DVD that you should have a look at, including some tutorials which will help you get around the basics.

But to answer one of your questions, in Cubase you can simply go to Project- Add track. If you add an Audio track you can then record a second audio track in Cubase (and a 3rd, and a 4th…). If you add an Instrument track you can use Kore as a VST Instrument as mashedmitten has suggested.