Newbie question on channels vs instrument tracks


Using Cubase 8.5 with Halion 3 SE.

I’ve created an instrument track from a Halion instance. So far so good :slightly_smiling_face:
Now, if I want to add yet another Halion instrument, do I have to add a new instrument track and have an extra instance of Halion running as a VST or can I simply use the Multi Rack/channels function and load extra instruments in there?


Either way will work fine. Most folks tend to create and use a new Instrument Track because it is more straightforward to use and simpler to setup.

OK thanks. I just thought less ressources would be required if I only had one instance of Halion added as a VST instrument and then used the channels/Multi rack.

If I choose this way, how do I add the different channels to different tracks?

If you load several programs into single instance of Halion you need to create midi tracks for each used slot. Set the midi channel appropriately. By default the 16 slots respond to midi channles 1 - 16.

You can also activate additional audio outputs and route the programs loaded in Halion to individual outputs.

Thanks a bunch.

Yeah that seems like it should be the case, but it isn’t. It’s not really the instances of a VSTi like Halion that uses up resources. Instead it is what those instances are doing. Say you have a Horn Section and a Synth. Those together are going to use X amount of resources total and that doesn’t really change if you put them in one instance of Halion or two.

Somewhat counter-intuitively sticking a bunch of instruments into a single instance of Halion (or other VSTi’s) can create performance problems. This is because all of those instruments will be confined to use the same single core of your CPU. So it’s a bit like having 8 checkout lanes at the supermarket open, but everyone is in line for only one of the lanes.