Newbie question on moving and resizing MIDI events from the Chords pad to track

Hello, I am following along with the Sonic Academy beginner course Cubase 9.5 (I am using Cubase 12 pro trial period). I am at the part where he is placing the Chords onto the track and “time stretching” them and moving them around. I am having trouble getting my second G#min chord to move from the position of the beginning of the 3rd bar over to the half marker of bar 2… when I grab it to move it over, it just snaps on top of the B chord at the beginning of bar 2. It will only snap onto the beginning of a bar and not the half bar where I want it to go. I resized it and my setting are set to Q 1/8. This video tutorial goes so fast and he doesn’t fully explain exactly what he is doing all the time and it is hard to keep up with all of the tools. I hope I am explaining this good enough. Any help is much appreciated.


The Grid is set to the Bar, not to the Quantize in the Project window over your side.

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Yes… that was it!! Thank you so much!!