Newbie question reg. transport/scrolling

I have used Protools for years and when I hit Enter, the playhead goes to the start of the project and the window also scrolls back to start.
When I hit Num , in Nuendo, the playhead goes to the start of the project but the window doesn’t scroll back until I play the project again.
How do I do to both go to start and scroll to start in Nuendo with one keystroke?
I guess there is simple solution I overlook since I am new to Nuendo.

I believe that if “auto-scroll” is enabled you end up at the start when locating there. There’s an icon that you can make available in the top bar to toggle that on/off, and you can also assign a key command to the function.

Hmmm, autoscroll is enabled but still I can’t mimic the Protools behaviour.

There is a preference you can toggle with a KC.
Transport: Return to Start Position on stop.


Let me repeat back what I think you are saying.

Your issue is:
You want the project display to jump back to the top of the song when you locate the playhead there via the numeric Transport Key “.”… Currently on your system that does not happen.

Is that correct?

Yes, it is.


Thank’s for all replies, unfortunately It doesn’t work for me. I guess there is a checkbox somewhere that I have checked/unchecked :frowning:.

Could it be that you have checked “suspend auto scroll when editing” ?


Just to clarify when I hit “,” and then start playing the project (hit spacebar), It scrolls back. I am just wondering if there is a way to scroll to start without start playing the project (like in Pro Tools). Not a deal breaker, just find it useful

Well…it should behave the way you describe…

I was thinking of “supend auto scroll” because it does what you describe, when you have let’s say selected an object while playing, auto scroll gets suspended (icon turns to orange) UNTIL you hit play again…

Yeah, it should be working.

Problem solved. Trashed the preferenses and now it works :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support