[NEWBIE QUESTION] Setting up connections for guitar recording

Hello, so recently i bought a UR242, i installed everything correctly including the drivers. I plug in my guitar cable into LINE input 3 and 4(since the jack can only fit in these line inputs). However, Audacity and my pc as well as doesnt recognize the sound coming from my ACOUSTIC guitar. But when i open the UR242 TOOL, u can actually see that the device actually receives signal from my acoustic guitar.

Should i plug it into INPUT 1 or 2(MIC) instead?

Make sure that Audacity is using the correct input/output settings. Go to Edit -> Preferences to change them. This same window will allow you to change the “Host”. Try different ones if it still doesn’t work.

Guitars are usually connected to front input 1.

which cord/cable do u use to connect guitar output to XLR input?

The front inputs are combo inputs, they work with both XLR and phono cables. If the input sounds too quiet, press the Hi-Z button.