newbie questions about CS4 and C5 licences

Hi guys,
I’m still runing Cubase studio 4 with OSX 10.58. I’m sort of stucked with that configuration.
So, I’m planing on buying a second hand C5 in order to use the Batch Export fonction that CS4 doesn’t have (so I can export all my projects tracks at once ).

A guy is selling me second hand for a very reasonable price his C5 with the licence /dongle.

So I d like to know :

  • Can I use this C5 dongle on my computer or will I need to make some kind of bureaucratic licence transfer with Steinberg ?

  • Can I copy the C5 license into my CS4 dongle (or vice versa)? or should I have both dongles?

  • Will I be able to open my CS4 projects into C5 without loosing my EQ and FX setting?

  • Will I have to relocate all my plugins?

I’m sorry for so many questions.(I’ve been searching for answers but only found fragmented infos)
Thanks for your help

first: what is the price that he offer? i need to know this, because only than i can know, if this offer is serious and be able to answer your questions.

The seller has to deregister the Dongle from his account, the you can register it to yours normally very unbureaucratic, if the seller still has access to his mysteinberg account. (If he had registered it at all)

You can not copy licenses, you can only transfer them. But that from any Steinberg key to any other Steinberg key

Usually yes

Depends on where you installed them