Newbie questions about Dorico

Hi ZeroZero here. I am a long time Cubase user (since Cubase Score) and a total novice with Dorico.

I would like to ask experienced users to give me heads up on the following topics:

1] Expression maps in Cubase and Expression maps in Dorico - are they different? What do I need to know?

2] I know Dorico is not yet fully integrated with Cubase 11, but is it partially integrated. Again what do I need to know, workflow wise.

3] I have a number of libraries including Iconica. I access them through a Cubase Template. How does Dorico handle multiple libraries/instruments?

4] Anything I should know about playback?

Thank you


  1. Expression maps in Dorico are a superset of those in Cubase, I’d say. In particular there is a more sophisticated mapping between what we call “playback techniques” – which can be mapped to graphical playing techniques you create in the score as well as being intrinsically linked to specific notations like slurs, articulations, trills, articulations (as in accent, staccato, etc.) – and switches in the expression map, whereas in Cubase this tends to be simply a string that you can create to remind yourself what it means. As such it means that importing Cubase expression maps into Dorico requires a bit of fix-up work to make sure that any custom switches you had set up in Cubase are mapped appropriately in Dorico.

  2. There’s not much in the way of real integration between Dorico and Cubase as yet, though of course this is in our future plans. You can do some basic drag and drop of MIDI regions from Cubase into Dorico’s Play mode display (and I believe it also works in a limited fashion in the opposite direction). Otherwise you’re reduced to sending MIDI and MusicXML files back and forth.

  3. Please read up on playback templates in the Operation Manual.

  4. That’s a bit of an open-ended question! There are lots of knowledgeable people here on the forum who are using a range of libraries with Dorico so you should find that somebody has some applicable knowledge if you have a specific question.

Thank you Daniel, quick question. If Cubase expression maps can be used in Dorico, can Dorico expression maps be used in Cubase? With a bit of tweaking?

Cubase Score has a thing called display quantization which makes it possible for a performance to be notated well, is such a thing or equivalent in Dorico? I am trying to work out if Dorico has a role in my workflow in Cubase.

If you’re using real-time midi recording in Dorico (or importing MIDI), you’ll find display quantisation options in Preferences. You can also select a passage and go Edit > Requantize, then tweak the settings in that dialog.

In Play mode you have local control over what’s notated vs what’s played back.

Ah so there IS something, great!

Still a total newbie!


No, at the moment you can’t import Dorico expression maps into Cubase.

From what I understand I cant see a way of using Dorico at all with my workflow in Cubase 11. I think I shall have to wait for updates on connectivity. I need to be able to have non notated and notatable tracks - sequencer wiseusing lots of libraries and VSTs. I wait dormant for some integration I think.