Newbie questions about expression maps and playing techniques


I have these basic questions about expression maps that I couldn’t find straight forward answers to them in the help/online.

  1. If I understand it correctly, Playing techniques are for engraving but they can be played back as well depending on the VSTi used and its programmability. Aren’t I correct?

  2. When I hover over the expression Name an abbreviation of ‘expleg’ pops up.
    2.1 Where is this coming from?
    2.2 Is this what I need to add to my playing technique under String groups?


  1. How to connect/correspond Expression maps to Playing techniques so that it plays back as they appear in the score: Let’s says you have an expression ( Bass and Add-on Switches) as Expressive Legato under Expression library EW Solo violin.

how do you notate this in the score so that it is triggered?
Here is what I have tried so far: I go to the Playing techniques, add a new playing technique under Strings group, and name it “expr”. Then I Play>Edit Playing Techniques, I select the direction. But then, How this expr. mark on the score trigger the key switch C1?

  1. Is it possible to define your own playing technique group? Say, Ethnic Percussion, etc.?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  1. There are two different, similarly-named items in Dorico: playing techniques are the things you can see in the Playing Techniques panel in Write mode and which can also be created in the score via the Shift+P popover. These trigger playback techniques during playback. You can specify which playback technique is triggered by a playing technique via the Engrave > Playing Techniques dialog, where you can also define new playing techniques (i.e. those that appear in the score). To define a playback technique, see Play > Playback Techniques. Playback techniques are what are referenced in expression maps and percussion maps.

  2. The tooltip is showing you the display name for that playing technique.

  3. You need to create a playing technique that corresponds to this playback technique.

  4. You cannot define playing techniques groups.