Newbie questions -- Midi, transport, general practices

Hi All!

New Cubase 8 user coming from Logic X!

I’m generally doing really well with Cubase, but have some questions that have been bogging me down for a couple days:

  1. Is there a way to mute individual MIDI notes within the Key Editor?

  2. In Logic, it’s easy to move around in a project by “,” and “.” (the less than/greater than symbols). They move the scroll bar/playhead (?) by one bar at a time. Anything similar in Cubase?

  3. Using the Magic Mouse with Logic is a breeze; it’s easy to scroll the screen left/right, as well as zoom in/out in any direction. Moving the transport left/right in a project seems to be a little tricky. Are there any tips to get quicker with that? (other than clicking and scrolling from the bar at the bottom)

  4. Is there a way to keep tracks in record-enable mode at all times? For my work flow it’s great to find a track, hit record, and lay down a take.

  5. Logic has a “capture record” feature, where as long as the project is playing, every piece of MIDI data is captured. If you like what you did you can simply hit the button, and what was played will appear. It almost eliminates the need to use the record button when working with MIDI. Anything like this in Cubase?

  6. Setting up a loop area seems to be a little tricky. I see that you can “draw” a loop area, but how can you delete that? Can you make the recording play from the scroll area with one click? Alt+p is useful, but it’s a little different.

Thank you in advance! Hopefully some of these answers will be useful for other Logic users as well!

P.s. please don’t feel like you have to answer all of these questions. Shedding light on any one of them would be extremely helpful.

Hi and welcome,

  1. Yes. Select the Note (or more Notes), you want to mute, and Use Shift + M to mute it, or use Mute Tool (looks like a cross X). To Unmute it, use Shift + U, or again the Mute Tool. You can apply this even in the Project window for events.

  2. Use + or - key on your numeric keyboard to Fast Forward or Rewind. You can also jump over Markers, or Nudge Cursor Left/Right.

  3. Sorry, I’m not using Magic Mouse. But I would expect up/down and Left/right scrolling will work in the Project page and Editors. I’m ussing common mouse with Scroll wheel Up/Down and Shift+Scroll Wheel for Left/Right scrolling. Works very well.

  4. Disable this option in Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsole: Enable Record on Selected Audio/MIDI Tracks. By disabling this, you have to do everything manually, but this is probably your wanted way.

  5. You don’t need to play the song for this in Cubase. There is always a buffer, which records last MIDI data. Make sure, any MIDI pr Instrument track is Record enabled. Play your MIDI data. Once you are done, select Retrospective MIDI Record from Transport menu. The MIDI data will be printed to the track.

  6. Why do you need to delete it? Just disable Loop in the Transport panel. To define, where you want to start record, use the Transport Panel settings - from Cursor position, or from Left Locator position.

Hi Martin,

Thank you very for your reply! I posted this elsewhere thinking that my post here didn’t go through (new user).

Here are the other responses:

re: 6) I guess it’s just what I’m used to :slight_smile:

I’d like to just add one more question – How do you listen to a realtime export?


The output of the Export Audio Mixdown window is routed the same way, as MediaBay Preview, Import Audio preview and other previews. I.e. to the Momitor 1 bus.

Open VST Connections > Studio. Enable Control Room. Add Monitor 1 bus, and route this to your main speaker. Make sure, VST Connections > Outouts > Stereo Out is set to Not Connected.