Newbie - Recording from an External Sequencer


I have been away from MIDI, keyboards, and this stuff for way, way too long, so I apologize for the newbie question.

Using Cubase Elements and I have a Roland MV-30 sequencer (told you I’ve been away for a long time). I am able to get the sequencer to play into Elements but I really want to record the MIDI tracks into Cubase. I know I could save the files as MIDI, but that would take some doing especially since I don’t have a floppy drive available.

My question is: How can I record the 8 MIDI tracks coming the Roland into 8 separate tracks in Cubase?

When I play the Roland, all the tracks in Cubase are playing on a single track. I have set each MIDI track to the corresponding track on the Roland but still they all play into a single track.

Also, since I’d like to transfer/record it, is there a way that when I hit Play on the Roland, Cubase starts recording so it is recorded at the start of the measure, not when I hit Record on Cubase? I have tried different synchronization settings, but I am apparently not doing it correctly.

Thank you for the help.


1st of all, I would strongly recommend you to export the MIDI file from MV-30, and import it to Cubase. This will solve lots of problems, you will have, if you are going to Record it.

But if you decide to Record…

  1. Record everything to the one MIDI track. Then select the MIDI track, and select Disolve Part from the MIDI menu. In the Disolve Part window, select Separate Channels, and click OK.

  2. No, there is no way, how to sync the Play-Record starts, but to sync these two Devices completely (what you should do).

  3. I should sync your MV-30 with Cubase. Otherwise, your MIDI data will not match to the grid in Cubase. Even if you set exactly the same tempo, the internal clock is slightly different.

Hello Martin,

I really appreciate the quick reply and very helpful information. I see what you are saying about it not being worth it to record it. I am new to Cubase and wanted to get a better understanding of what was possible.

I can pick up a USB floppy drive for about $20. Even if I only use it for this (a one-time transfer of files) it is certainly worth it against the trouble it would be to fix it, which sounds extremely difficult.

Thank you.