Newbie to Cubase but with some research

Hi everyone

Okay so to summarise my challenge, I’m trying to create a looped drum pattern in Cubase. I have Elements 7 which does not include Beat Designer so I can not create drum patterns in this regard. So far I have not been able to work out how to easily create drum patterns.

Previously in MIDI Key Editor I have recorded a pattern for four bars and then duplicated this by pressing the ALT key when highlighted and dragging this 4 bar pattern across however the pattern never aligns on the 1 count for the start of each 1st bar in the 4 bar sequence and thus it needs to be manually adjusted. Quanitizing doesn’t work either. I am wanting to do hip hop beats.

I can only see that I have to physically tap my keyboard for 3 mins to generate a drum pattern. I would like to make my own from either a VST (I have Battery 4).

I’m sure this is straight forward but I’m just learning the software (only had it for 4 days now).

Whilst trying to research exactly how I can do this without any information I found this video on youtube that may help other people stuck similar to myself that don’t have Beat Designer.

I am sure there are other ways. If someone knows please inform me.

Thank you

You’re on the right track with the Key Editor, or you could use the Drum Editor also to achieve the same result. However, here is a simple way to create a beginning to end drum loop without the tedium of copying and pasting, or even using the Repeat function.

We’ll take it for granted that you have a MIDI track pointed to your drum instrument, say Groove Agent One SE, which I believe comes with Elements.
So, while on your selected MIDI track use the Draw Tool to draw an initial Loop (1 bar, 2 bars, whatever you want to start with).
Then get into either the Key Editor or the Drum Editor and place your desired notes/hits.

Now, you have a drum loop on your MIDI track that is, for the sake of this example, 2 bars long. Next you will set your Left Locater at the end of the two bar loop (In this example, bar 3), and then set your Right Locator to the end of your song (However long you want it to be).
Last step, select the initial 2 bar loop you made, open the Edit menu and select Functions/Fill Loop. Voila, you have a beginning to end drum loop.
There are of course lots of ways to skin this cat, shortcuts that you will discover over time, which will make it even faster, but this will get you going and is very simple once you get into it. Hope it helps.

Thanks J L Bowie for the information, I really appreciate the help. I’ll give this a go and see how it works.

I have found just from using Cubase so far (1 week) how detailed and complex it is. However this allows for so many possibilities with music which is amazing!