Newbie wants help recording

Hi, I am running a 30-day trial of Cubase Elements under Win10 (with the intention to buy if it all goes well). My purpose for the moment is to create MP3 or FLAC files out of some MIDI files I created ages ago, using some instrument samples I have kept from the same era. (When I used Cubase, 5 I think)

I have successfully added my external VST instrument (G-Player) to the options available, and can get Cubase to play a MIDI file through the chosen instruments to my sound system, so I can hear it.

I now want to record this sound onto disk; I’ve tried various things without success. What do I need to do? Please can you either point me to a really basic step-by step tutorial, or list the steps?



I suggest you look up ‘audio mixdown’/ ‘export’ of your project. Look under the file menu, and of course in the documentation/ manual under the help menu for more info.

Good luck!

Hi Mark - by ‘external’, do you mean its a separate hardware MIDI sound module…? If so, then the audio from that needs to get back in to Cubase, before you can render the output to your choosing; again, hooking this all up properly can be found in the manual (somewhere) under ‘External Instruments’…

Good luck.!

Hi Puma, no “external” is external to Cubase - G-PLayer is a software VST.

Vinnie - thanks for the pointer. Now I know where to look …