NEWBIE WaveLab Elements 9 Plugin Limits?


I’m new to WaveLab, and have just installed the 30 day trial of Elements 9 to try before buying the full kit.

I wanted to try a bit of mastering, and loaded a track without problems. Then I began inserting plugins to the section on the right side.
I chose not to use the ‘stock’ Master section, but instead to load some of my plugins to the rig.

It appears that only 5 Plugin slots are available, and this is extremely restrictive.
With a Gain, VU Metre, Analyser, L2 Limiter, and Sonarworks Headphone Monitor, there are no empty slots to insert EQ, Compressor etc.
I need to have my Sonarworks Headphone reference plug in there as I use it to mix with my Beyer Dynamic DT 990 Pro H’phones, and figure it’s best to also use it when mastering.

I’d like to get this working fully so I can then study and learn the functions of WaveLab today.
Maybe I’ve missed some setting, as I am completely new to this software.
All advice greatly appreciated.

The number of plugins is limited to 5 in WaveLab Elements, in the Master Section. This limit is 12 in WaveLab Pro.
This being said, if you use the Audio Montage, you can insert more plugins there.