Newbie With Major Punch In Problem...Help!

Trying to get a grip on punching in here in Cubase. I’m new to the program.

I’ve watched videos and read, and I am still having a problem here (on Mac).

After setting a punch in point, I press PLAY, Cubase punches in, and while recording the new part everything onscreen looks normal, but when I press STOP I see the entire bar BEFORE the punch has been erased. You can see an example attached…

the bar before the punch is now empty.

Anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong? I am in REPLACE mode, and both snap and input quantize are turned off.

Really a puzzle to me…hopefully it’s something simple…thx

Is this Pro/Artist or Elements and 9 or 9.5?

Issue is on PRO confirmed here. Ive never noticed it since I always use the bar is my points for punch.

That said, StudioOnePro does the SAME thing

Confirmed on Pro 9.5 and Elements 9 here too, again not something I’ve ever noticed as I don’t use Punch in this way on MIDI.

See,s to be present in earlier versions too…very strange and illogical. Not right.

Turn off “Preferences>Record>MIDI>Snap MIDI Parts to Bars”.

Yes, that sorts it out. Not been an issue for me as I don’t record that way but thanks for the solution.

Very cool, Ill set that pref today