Hey, I recently purchased cubase 6 and getting along with it well, now im trying to setup my microphone through the ‘M-audio mobile pre’ interface but im having trouble getting it done, ive watched several turorials online and still cant get it done, i have a slight suspicion that it could be my speakers as i’m using logictech speakers through a quarter inch resize plug in the headphone jack. im working with the akg perception 220 (mic) which needs phantom power which the interface has so i know thats no problem, so any helpers ?

Can you hear anything from the computer at all?

I would try taking this stage by stage then you can find out where the problem is.

Are you getting some input to the selected track in Cubase? Are the meters moving? If so do you have the monitor button activated?Check to see you have Cubase audio inputs and outputs are set correctly.

If you aren’t getting input then it could be an issue with the audio interface software - is there a dedicated software panel? If so you may need to set this so that the correct input channels are routed properly.You may need to check if there is a dedicated phantom power switch.

Make sure the input channels in Cubase are matched to the audio paths available with the interface.
Hope this helps.