Hi, I am new here with an M3 and Cubase 5. i have experience with very early version of Cubase on the Atari St decades ago. A lot has changed since then… Would be great if somebody could help me on the following questions:

  1. what is the best workflow to record midi songs on the m3… A very straightforward step by step description would be highly appreciated (e.g.settings M3 and Cubase)
  2. do i set the m3 in sequencer mode or combi? (related to question 1). Do i need to set the programs in sequencer mode on the m3 including effect settings and do I therefore have to save my songfile without keyboard information on the pc and individually sequencer settings on the m3 or can I save EVERYTHING in a file on the pc, i.e. Opening the file and automatically setting all parameters also on the m3? seems complicated to save everything twice…or is this the role of the m3 plug in editor. If not, what is the role of this editor? Simply speaking this is the same question as 1), I am looking for the , most convenoent and most efficient workflow to do midi recording…
  3. does anybody out there us hardware and software/vst sounds? If so, is the quality of software sounds better, the same, worse than hardware? Which vst sounds are recommendable and important: what would be the setup to use hard- and software sounds. Currently my monitor speakers are directly connected to my M3. Would I need a mixer or is there another solution?
  4. how do I record a finished midi song to mp3/cd?
    Thanks so much for your help!!!

If the M3 has USB MIDI, then so long as drivers are installed it should appear in cubase as a MIDI port.

Regarding your second question, the sequencer in the M3 is not relevant if you are using Cubase as your music sequencer (unless you are wanting to sync the two together).

As for your third question, you can continue as you have until now but with the difference being you are using Cubase to sequence, which allows greater editing abilities and much more flexibility in how you work.

I don’t know about the M3, but I’ll offer some thoughts anyway…

3.I use both the sounds from my Kurzweil and my VST sounds about 50/50. I love them both, and they all serve a purpose. You probably feel there are certain things you can do on your Korg that you just can’t do on the VSTs. VSTs, like keyboards, can sound great or fair.

4.I am guessing you do not own a USB audio/MIDI interface. If not, you need one to get the sound of your keyboard into Cubase. To create an audio CD, you need to record actual audio into Cubase. In a set up like yours, the interface also can function as a mixer for the Korg and the computer audio.

I was in your shoes(technologically) about 2 years ago. Once you get past the learning curve, things will be great.

Thanks everybody…@philskeys: since you are using hardware and vst how is your setup…currently I have my monitor speakers connected to my m3, but obviously this only allows me to hear m3 sounds…how do I have to connect if I want to simultaneously use and listen to m3 and vst sounds? Thx

The audio interface connects everything together. Mine looks like this:
There are many varieties.

I plug in stereo audio and MIDI cables from my keyboard, and a USB line from my computer. (There are also jacks for digital audio , mics etc. ) From the outputs I connect my speakers and headphones. You can mix everything from the little knobs on the box.
They start at around $150.
A good store salesman could help you, but you might want to read up on this a bit.

Great thanks…big help… I’ll try to get some more Information on the interfaces … Thx