Newbish UR22MKII monitors and subwoofer question.

The manual says that for the line output, “These jacks can be connected to phone-type(balanced/unbalanced).”

Does this mean that either 1/4" balanced OR unbalanced plugs/devices can be used, and the UR22MKII will handle it according to the jack used?

Trying to understand for example, if I find powered monitors that only have RCA style unbalanced input, can I simply get 1/4" unbalanced to RCA-style adapter and use it with the UR22MKII.

Sort of related to the issue is how to introduce a powered subwoofer into the equation in a “friendly” way to the UR22MKII?

The answer is yes. You can use an adapter. But you may experience interference with the unbalanced cables. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes not so much. Try that first. And don’t cross AC power cables with line level feed cables.

The subwoofer connection depends on the sub itself. Many use the line out of your interface then send the crossed over signal to monitors. So only one pair of outs needed from the UR22.