Newby FX send question

Long time Pro Tools and Logic user trying out Cubase demo. I’ve followed various videos on how to set up a send to an FX channel (or a group channel). Routing channels directly to groups works fine for me. But when I rout a send to either an FX channel or a group channel and turn up the send, nothing comes through to the channel. I must be missing a step. All the videos just say:

  1. create an FX channel
  2. select that FX channel in the send section of the audio channel you want the FX on

Then it works in the videos. But for me, this is not working.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please, make sure the Send is enabled. It’s not when you set the routing.

Thanks. I’m guessing that’s the little circular button next to the word SEND in the mixer window? That can be either white or yellow. Either way I get no signal coming into the FX channel.


It’s the most left icon on the Send Slot. The tooltip says Activate/Deactivate Send.

Ah got it! Thank you so much.